Jetwave through years of R&D have designed and built the next generation of High Pressure Cleaners right here in Australia.

The Commercial/industrial combustion engine driven high pressure cleaner in our view has been stagnating for a number of years in its design and features. We now introduce to the market the G2 design from Jetwave. Developed and engineered from the ground up, packed with all new innovative features, aesthetic styling and a precision CNC design philosophy making the machine last longer and have increased ROI. Therefore it contributes to a better end user experience in terms of configuration, performance, functionality & safety. We believe in a market that is ever crowded and competitive it is important for you and your business to be different. This email is about the key differences in the two designs and what features come with a Jetwave G2 High Pressure Cleaner vs a traditional roll frame unit. We aim to inform you further about our brand, company and development moving forward. Welcome to the new world of Jetwave, Imagine a Cleaner World.

It looks every bit as powerfully cutting edge as it is.


Download the G2 comparison document.