Jetwave is a specialist in designing and manufacturing industry and application specific purpose built high pressure cleaning solutions. We have pressure water cleaners and drain cleaners / hydro-jetters for the mining, oil and gas, shipping, aviation, plumbing, government and councils, construction, primary / farming industries just to name a few.

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  • Hammerhead 21 ABS Plastic

    Hammerhead FSC 21″ – ABS Plastic

  • Flat-Surface-21inch-Cleaner---2022-Website

    Hammerhead FSC 21″ – Stainless Steel (Mosmatic)

  • Flat-Surface-Cleaner--30inch-2022-Website

    Hammerhead FSC 30″ – Stainless Steel (Mosmatic)

  • Self-Recovery-12-Inch-website-2022

    Stainless Steel Self Recovery 12″ (Mosmatic)

  • Self-Recovery-21-Inch-website-2022

    Stainless Steel Self Recovery 21″ (Mosmatic)

  • JetWave 11 Piece Water Jetter Nozzle Kit

    11 Piece Nozzle Kit (Drain Cleaning)

  • Sanitiser Hero

    Mobile Sanitisation Unit

  • OEM Hero GP

    OEM Industrial Hose Reel (30m)

  • JetWave Pro Rapid Style Hose Reel (60m)

    Pro Rapid Style Hose Reel (60m)

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Hose Reel (60m)

  • JetWave Remote High Pressure Hose Reel

    Remote Reel

  • Apache Universal

    Apache Universal 2.0 Hose Reel

  • Apache A Frame Setup

    Apache A Frame Hose Reel 50m-130m

  • Apache-A-Frame-SS-2022-Website

    Apache A Frame Stainless Steel 100M

  • DWB Hose

    High Pressure Double Wire Braid Hose

  • Viperflex Setup

    Viperflex Hose 15M-120M

  • Bypass Pro Foam

    JW Bypass Pro Foam

  • JW12 Foaming Kit Setup

    JW12 Foaming Kit

  • JW3 Foaming Kit Setup

    JW3 Foaming Kit

  • Stabiliser Nozzle

    Long Reach Stabiliser Nozzle

  • Gum Blaster Nozzle Hero

    Gum Blaster Nozzle

  • Multi Function Lance Setup

    Multi Function Lance

  • Hero Shot TRL Bin Chute Lance

    TRL/Bin Chute Cleaning Lance

  • TS8 Sandblasting Kit new

    TS8 Complete Sand Blasting Kit

  • UR25 Turbo Head

    UR25 Complete Turbo Head with Lance

  • UR32 Turbo Head

    UR32 Complete Turbo Head with Lance

  • JetWave Giraffe Alloy Telescopic Lance (7m)

    Giraffe Alloy Telescopic Lance (7m)

  • Wan Barrell Washer

    Electric Driven Wine Barrel Washers

  • Wine Barreell#2

    Water Driven Wine Barrel Washers

  • Vulcan V1 Hero

    Vulcan V1

  • Vulcan V2 Hero

    Vulcan V2