What is Foam?

Foam is a substance that is formed by trapping gas/air inside liquids forming a sphere. The outer region is a thin film of liquid substance (water/detergent/chemical) that continues to expand to a point where it explodes. The bubble film carries the cleaning agent and holds it in place for a period of time to work on the contact surface. The bubbles burst resulting in more surface coverage and “work” time as the film flows down the surface it continues to work loosening contaminates.

How is foam created?

Trapping gas/air in water/foaming agent/detergents.

What is required to create foam?
Water (and/or), Air, Foam Agent (Chemical) and Energy (Compressed air Pressure & Water (pressure and flow))


Foam benefits

Visible – Foam provides visual on surfaces.

  • Eliminates repeat applications;
  • Reduces chemical use.

Economic – Foam generates savings in chemical and water use.

  • Chemical cost with foam is reduced to a 1:10 ratio over non-foam.
  • Eliminates repeat applications and saves water.
  • Control of application via foam reduces detergent use.

Time Saving – Foam reduces labour costs through time savings.

  • Eliminates repeat applications for better use of time.
  • Foam works in one area while applying in adjacent areas.
  • Less manpower required with foam.
  • Chemical with foam can be easily applied to large/difficult to reach areas in less time.
  • Effective – Foam adheres to surface on contact and works longer.
  • Foam reduces chemical requirements by holding the chemical in places to work.
  • Slow mechanical movements of weight, flow and collapsing bubbles for more thorough cleaning.
  • As the foam dissipates deposits are removed from the surface.
  • Extended detergent contact time between the soil and the detergent cleans better.

Environmentally Safe – Foam reduces air contamination.

  • Better control of chemicals with foam eliminates drifting.
  • Safer application of harsh detergents/chemicals.
  • Energy conservation through foam spray process benefits environment in water and chemical use.