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Jetwave Service and SupportJetwave Service and Support

Unlike some other manufacturers and wholesale companies within the industry, Jetwave has a fully equipped and staffed service and support department to assist our customers and conduct repairs on all industrial cleaning products.

Jetwave’s industrial cleaning machines are built for reliability and dependability.  We strive for high quality on our purpose built solutions, so the equipment will withstand un-relenting conditions and suit the specific uses and needs of our customers.

When it comes to servicing your equipment, you can depend on Jetwave to look after your cleaning machine.

Service and Support Department

Located at our head office, our dedicated Service and Support Department offers warranty determination, service and repairs, modifications and unit inspections explicitly for Jetwave manufactured and imported equipment and systems.

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Genuine Spare Parts for your service and repairs

Jetwave has a fully stocked Spare Parts divison and imports and distributes these spare parts to retail and wholesale outlets all over Australia.  Jetwave also distributes parts across the world upon request.

We stock and sell quality genuine parts for your maintenance, support, back-up and convenience on site or in the field.

At Jetwave, our sales and technical team have over 35 years of industry experience, and we are consonantly expanding in our effort to supply improved and superior products through our research and development department innovation.

For all your Service and Support enquiries for your industrial cleaning equipment- contact Jetwave Industrial today

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