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Purpose Built Cleaning Solutions

Purpose Built Cleaning Solutions


Jetwave Industrial Equipment endeavors to empower our clients with purpose built cleaning solutions, incorporating years of expertise and innovative cleaning experience with our range of high end purpose built high pressure water cleaners and drain cleaner and hydro-jetters. Through a process of consultation with our high pressure water solutions team we will identify your application requirements, desires, and tailor a product to suit.

Purpose Built Cleaning Solutions – Quality

Jetwave’s high pressure water cleaners incorporate the utmost degree of quality and dependability demanded by industry. We pride ourselves on having standout features and benefits that are a cut above the rest, as all of Jetwave’s equipment is designed, researched and developed, and manufactured with the latest state-of-the art quality components for a long dependable life in the field.

Our customers often demand purpose built cleaning solutions or specialised units for operation in harsh and specific environments, we can therefore tailor an existing cleaning solution or engineer, develop and manufacture a purpose built cleaning solution from the ground up.

Purpose Built Cleaning Solutions – Custom Options

Commonly available options and client request parameters include:

  • Trailer, skid, van, truck or portable mountings arrangements.
  • Alternate electrical control systems or setup for overseas and ship applications.
  • Water tanks e.g. stainless steel, poly or galvanised steel tanks.
  • Stainless steel, galvanized or powder coated frames.
  • Electric drive motor features and preferences.
  • Petrol and diesel engines and generators.
  • Explosion proof options.
  • High performance units.
  • Integrated vacuum recovery and recycle systems.
  • Alterations for severe temperatures and/or altitudes.
  • Custom dimensions, frames and mountings.
  • Completely self-contained equipment.
  • Multi user/guns cleaning operation.
  • Hose reels and accessories options etc.
  • and more…there is little that Jetwave cannot do

Jetwave uses industry proven design, sound engineering, heavy-duty construction and high quality components, which have been a hallmark of Jetwave machinery since our inception in 1992. Jetwave has an experienced helpful salesforce; our staff will spend the necessary time to help select the right equipment for each application, and industry and market segment. Many ASX 200 listed companies purchase Jetwave equipment for their use and specific applications. For several years, Jetwave has supplied a wide range of standard and purpose built cleaning solutions to a variety of industries throughout Australia, Asia and now the world.

It is our mission to supply Australia and the world with the absolute best quality high pressure water cleaning solutions equipment, in essence ‘To design, develop and deliver the best industrial cleaning equipment for our customers.’

Jetwave is the industry leader in customer centric application specific high pressure cleaning solutions, the exact equipment you need from a name you can trust.

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