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Industrial Wet and Dry and Extraction Vacuum Cleaners

Jetwave’s quality Italian made range of industrial wet and dry extraction vacuum cleaners are heavy duty ‘built to last’. They are designed to suit specific cleaning applications on the worksite or in the workplace. Our vacuum models have displayed continual toughness and dependability in various trades and industries.

Full range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Additionally, our range of professional extraction vacuum cleaners will compliment any upholstery / carpet cleaning business or job at hand.

Jetwave's full range of industrial vacuum cleaners are ideal for the following applications and industries: hire and rental companies, office buildings and retail stores, car dealerships, car cleaning and detailing, building and concrete industry, civil construction industry, factory, workshops and warehouse maintenance, aviation industry and general trade and maintenance.

Wet and Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners - Extraction Vacuum Cleaners

  • Professional wet and dry stainless steel and polyethylene industrial vacuum cleaners with loads of power.

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  • Jetwave's range of Industrial Extraction Vacuum Cleaners are built to last and feature full service and world-wide spare parts back-up.

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