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Hot Water Petrol Driven Pressure Cleaners

Our range of Hot Water Petrol Driven High Pressure Water Cleaners were researched, developed and manufactured specifically for high end industries such as civil construction, government, councils, cleaning contractors for cleaning and sanitizing tasks. Jetwave’s machines incorporate only the best leading engine brands such as Honda and Briggs and Stratton.

Jetwave’s hot water high pressure cleaners will remove grease and grime, descale and disinfect surfaces. These units can also be factory fitted with an optional steam kit upon request.

The benefits of our hot water petrol driven range are unit mobility, cost effectiveness, high performance, technologically advanced, self-contained and economical resulting in saving time and money. With the added advantage of our environmentally friendly fuel efficient vertical diesel fired burner system.

These units include user friendly design that results in increased safety, and lower maintenance and running costs. Be assured that there will be a pressure washer to suit your cleaning needs that encapsulates paramount quality and superior features.

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