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High Pressure Piston Plunger Pumps

At Jetwave Industrial Equipment we stock one of the largest ranges in Australia of leading brands of triplex positive displacement high pressure piston plunger pumps including reverse osmosis and thousands of genuine spare parts to complement your on-going needs.

As an official Australian distributor we stock and sell only the industry best quality and reputable high pressure pump brands such as Interpump, General Pump, Pratissoli and Annovi Reverberi (AR).

Jetwave has specialised in directly importing and distributing these quality brands to wholesale and retail clients throughout Australia, and the world, for over 20 years. These high pressure pumps are designed for a wide variety of applications. Apart from traditional brass head cold water pumps, we also offer nickel plated brass head pumps required for some water conditions, stainless steel head pumps for special applications and high temperature pumps, which are required in some specialised food and beverage manufacturing/processing applications and are able to accept hot water up to 85◦C.

We provide these pumps to industries such as mining equipment cleaning/decontamination, government and council, transportation and logistics, desalination, farming and primary, civil construction, general trade and industry, maritime ship wash down, maintenance and anti-fouling applications.

  • Interpump is the world's largest manufacturer of high pressure pumps for industrial cleaning equipment. Jetwave is proud to stock this brand.

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  • Jetwave is a proud supplier of Annovi Reverberi (AR) pumps.

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  • Jetwave is a proud supplier of Pratissoli pumps.

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  • Single Cylinder Pump Motor Combos

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  • Honda and Vanguard Briggs & Stratton Pump V-Twin Motor Combos

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